Patient-Specific Modelling (PSM) Network

The major objective of the Network is to bring together researchers from various disciplines with a common interest in biomedical problems. Our inter-disciplinary approach incorporates the most recent advances in patient-specific modelling, medical image analysis and understanding as well as state of the art bioengineering techniques. We aim at establishing fruitful links with traditional medical sciences as a first step in the process of translating the results of our research into clinical benefits for patients.

A conference series, originating from the Network, was started in Cardiff in January 2013, The second meeting was held in Edinburgh in June 2014.

The PSM Network has developed links with other groups having similar objectives, and working on predictive modelling for applications in healthcare and medicine. For more information on the Predictive mOdelling for hEalthcare technology through MathS (POEMS) Network, please click here.